2 Dog Sitting Options

2 options created for your dog’s personality type

There are two options when it comes to my dog sitting services. I can either bring your dog into my home on the farm while you are away, or do multiple visits each day. Both come with their own benefits. Pick the one that is best for your dog’s specific needs below!

If Your Dog is Cool as a Cucumber:

  • Is comfortable sleeping where they can’t see you
  • Enjoys a nice AM & PM feeding
  • Is happy hanging home alone, bird watching and snoozing
  • Can’t wait for their walk or round of ball when you get home from work

Then, 1 Hour Visits are for you!

If Your Dog is Social, Adaptive, Crate Trained, Over 6 Months, & Fixed:

  • Enjoys socializing with other people and dogs
  • Easily acclimates to new environments
  • Is respectful when brought to your friend’s home for playdates
  • Enjoys walks in bright, open dirt roads and fields

Then, Dog Sitting in Heather’s Home is for you!

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