How Do You Know When to Quit Your Job: The Breakdown to Full Time Entrepreneurship You Need

June 22, 2021

For those of you who work with me, you know personal development is a big focus in my dog training program.

Because of this, it should come as no surprise to hear I not only have a dog business but also a personal development blog. This blog is called “Handful of Heather.” The goal? To help others work towards the best versions of themselves by being vulnerable about my own path.

I had written a lengthy post outlining the hardest & scariest decision of my life. The decision to quit my job and become a full time entrepreneur at the age of 26.

Within this post, I share:

If you are interested in reading about how I got to where I am today, feel free to read:

“How Do You Know When to Quit Your Job: The Breakdown to Full Time Entrepreneurship You Need”

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Ira Saft
Ira Saft
12:59 13 Jan 22
I was initially looking to have Maynard, my standard poodle not pull on walks, not rush to the door and have generally good house behavior. Maynard learned all of that and much more.Not only did Heather do a great job in training our puppy but also taught us how to think as the dog sees the world in order to understand why and how dogs learn and act.I would highly recommend Heather to anyone needing their dog trained. I will be using her in the future for additional training we may need.
Cecile Kandl
Cecile Kandl
11:12 23 Oct 21
Heather is amazing. On her first visit she organized the family so we could do the work that we needed to do with our 9-week old puppy, Honey. Heather addressed all of our concerns and gave us actionable suggestions to help Honey move forward with her growth and development. Finally, it is clear that Heather has a special way with animals. She loves them and they love her. I highly recommend Handful Of Leashes.
Kevin Osborne
Kevin Osborne
02:55 12 Oct 21
We adopted a rescued Rottweiler named Stella almost a year ago. She came with issues but was improving……...SLOWLY! Stella is intimidating, stubborn, and highly energetic. Since she is a Rottweiler she scares and intimidates most people. Her breed, vocalizations, alpha-like demeanor and energy level would make many shy away from her even though she is very sweet. She would try to intimidate (again, Alpha behavior) other dogs at the dog park and was “encouraged” to get training at the day care she goes to where she can release some energy. Heather was recommended to us and she very quickly helped us understand Stella and gave us strategies to use to help wrangle her feistiness into some structure and discipline. We learned that Stella is extremely bright and needs “work” to keep her engaged and productive. I mentioned to Heather on her first time here that she is more of a “dog owner trainer” than a dog trainer. In five weeks we have gotten Stella to the point that we think we can continue to help her progress without Heather’s assistance. I cannot recommend Heather highly enough. She is professional, friendly, and very conscientious with her work. I’d hire Heather in a second if we needed additional support going forward. Don’t hesitate to give Heather a call.
Morgan Fitzpatrick
Morgan Fitzpatrick
01:33 08 Sep 21
Heather absolutely changed our lives for the better! Ted is learning every day to be the best version of himself all thanks to Heather! In four sessions we have seen a total transformation of his door manners and walking etiquette. I would highly recommend Heather if you are looking to better improve your dogs life and yours!
Roseanne Sullivan
Roseanne Sullivan
13:08 07 Jun 21
Hi my name is Leo 🦮. I am writing to recommend my friend Heather. Heather is very patient with me even when I mess up. Sometimes I get a little rowdy but Heather always calms me down. I have learned how to be a good boy working with her. I think my mom and dad like her too because they always smile when she comes over.Biscuits and bully sticks ❤️Leo🐾
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