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Holly Corson AvatarHolly Corson
Heather is a fantastic dog trainer! We needed her services recently for our dog (9ish months old at the time) who seemed determined to listen as little as possible. We had major issues with her pulling on the leash and barking/whining during walks, constantly counter surfing, jumping out of our fenced in yard, and more. Heather was able to help with all of them. She taught us (and our dog!) how to do a beautiful loose leash walk along with how to use an e-collar to keep her in "place" and correct for bad behavior. Our relationship with our dog is so much less stressful now and we're looking forward to many years of happy dog ownership. All that, and Heather was great with our kids and fun to be around! We could not recommend her more. The investment was worth it - 5 months ago 

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Michael Profrock AvatarMichael Profrock
We just recently adopted two dogs that were 18months old. With having the worries of introducing new dogs into an environment that they have never been around was already stressful enough. Having followed Heather on her social media accounts, I was excited to see her skills put to the test. From simple suggestions on how to get both dogs to love their crates and to listen to us was impressive. She was able to answer any questions that I had and explained her reasons for her suggestions. She is the true dog whisperer. I look forward to scheduling another visit so she can help on other improvements. I hope to anyone reading this realizes that they will not be disappointed. She is truly the best! - 2 months ago 

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