Dog Training

2 options created for every dog’s training needs

There two options when it comes to my dog training services. I can either do virtual training lessons via Instagram or private lessons in your home. Both come with their own benefits. Pick the one that is best for your dog’s specific needs below!

Virtual Training / Coaching

If You Are a Dog Owner Who Wants Help With:

  • Training lessons, but you’re out of my serviceable range
  • Getting questions answered about your dog that take too long to answer via Instagram
  • Bringing a new puppy home (either before or after)
  • Training plans (crate training, potty training, obedience training, etc.)
  • Boundaries within the home
  • Overexcitement
  • Dog Psychology – understand how dog’s learn
  • Cat .vs. dog relationship
  • Being held accountable to your training
  • And so much more…

Virtual Coaching Sessions (For Dog Business Owners):

  • Pick my brain on any & all topics dog / dog business
  • Update doggie daycare protocols
  • Work on client relationships
  • Build up confidence / lower imposter syndrome
  • Understand how to best use your website, Instagram, or Facebook
  • Ask specific questions about problems you are facing with specific dogs in your business

Then, Virtual Training Lessons are for you!

One-on-One Private, In-Home Training Lessons

If You Need Help With Your Dog’s:

  • Everything listed under virtual training lessons, plus:
  • Loose leash walk
  • Heeling
  • Door darting
  • Ever-magical “Place” command
  • Entering / exiting manners
  • Desensitization (vacuums, doorbells, bikes etc.)
  • And so much more…

Then, 1 on 1 Private, In-Home Training Lessons are for you!

Dog Sitting

2 options created for every dog’s personality type

There are two options when it comes to my dog sitting services. I can either bring your dog into my home on the farm while you are away or do multiple visits each day. Both come with their own benefits. Pick the one that is best for your dog’s specific needs below!

1 Hour Visits

For Dogs Who Are Cool as a Cucumber.

Meaning your dog:

  • Is comfortable sleeping where they can’t see you
  • Enjoys a nice AM & PM feeding
  • Is happy hanging home alone, bird watching and snoozing
    • Can’t wait for their walk or round of ball when you get home from work

Then, 1 Hour Visits are for you!

Dog Sitting in Heather’s Home

For Dogs Who Are Social, Adaptive, Crate Trained, Fixed, & Over 6 Months Old.

Meaning your dog:

  • Enjoys socializing with other people and dogs
  • Easily acclimates to new environments
  • Is respectful when brought to your friend’s home for playdates
  • Enjoys walks in bright, open dirt roads and field

Then, Dog Sitting in Heather’s Home is for you!

Dog Walking / Mid-Work Day Visits

You work, they walk

Whether you want to use me as your dog walker because of my education of dog psychology or because you did training with me & know I’ll uphold your dog’s loose leash walk, I am happy to help.

This Mid-Work Day Visits Focus on:

  • Refreshing water bowls
  • Giving lunch (if applicable)
  • Giving your dog some fresh air & a potty in the back yard
  • Going on a walk
  • Mentally & physically stimulating your dog so they can rest while your work from home or are waiting for your return

Mid-Day Training Sessions (Just Me & Your Dog)

  • If your dog is one of my training clients, this service can be used for:
    • Upholding your dog’s training
    • Building off what we’re currently working / have worked on in training
      • Place
      • Impulse control
      • Loose leash walk
      • Doorway manners

1 Hour Visits

Unlimited ways to use

This is a Catch All Service that is very unique to my business. Think of any time where you wanted to do something whether for a few hours (but more hours than your dog would be okay for), a full day, or a week and you needed someone to check in on your dog. And then think of how nice it would be to have a solution to this problem. If you are looking for someone to help with:

Dog Sitting (As Shown Above)

AM / PM Feedings

Pet Taxi

Doggie Daycare Drop Offs / Pick Ups

Beach Day Stop Ins

And so much more…

Then, 1 Hour Visits are for you!

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