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Where dog psychology meets human accountability; a perfect training option for determined dog lovers

Want to work with me but don’t live in Pennsylvania? Or maybe you live in PA but just need some guidance that doesn’t require hands on expertise?

Then, these virtual sessions are for you !!

Dog Owners,

… these sessions are perfect if you want to learn:

Trainers / Dog Sitters / Dog Walkers / Doggie Daycare Owners,

these sessions are perfect if you want to:

Already Know (& Love) Virtuals?

Feel free to simply book below. If none of the dates offered work for your schedule, feel free to message me on Instagram or Facebook @handfulofleashes and I’m sure we can work something out!

Looking for more information?

Keep scrolling for FAQ’s, pricing, & testimonies. A second booking tool is available at the bottom of the service page.

FAQs About Virtual Sessions


From wherever you are most comfortable within your home or office.

Using What Program?

Virtual sessions are held over Instagram Chat. That way we can keep all of our recaps / conversations in one location as reminders of your progress.

Where Can I Find More Information About Your Business As a Whole?

On my “About” page.

Here you will find my motivation to grow Handful of Leashes, my mission statement, the start of the business in 2014, my education, seminars and expos I have attended, and a timeline of when I added each service to my business.

What Age Should My Dog Be To Start Training?

I have worked with hundreds of dogs from puppyhood to adulthood. The curriculum may be different depending on where your dog is in their development and your age-specific issues, but the goal is the same: a calm state of mind!

Do You Really Think We Can Address X, Y, & Z Virtually?


Many owners are surprised to find that even during their private, in-home training lessons that my hands aren’t constantly on their dog.

More often then not, by asking a series of questions, I can pinpoint where your problem behaviors are stemming from and offer a game plan to work towards your desired behaviors and state of mind.

Is There a Place I Can Get Updates On Your Training / Business / Tips?

Yes, the same place I host my virtual training sessions from: Instagram.

I recommend that any dog owners who use me as their dog sitter / dog trainer follow my business Instagram account @handfulofleashes as well as my Facebook @handfulofleashes.

On Instagram, I post tips, behind the scenes of business, and day-to-day life with your dogs (and even try and tag your Instagram so you can share their cute faces to your story as well).

Facebook gets the same content, but it may not get posted until after I have finished the service.

Below is a feed of my most recent Instagram posts (and stories are added daily):

When Can I Book Sessions?

There is a scheduling tool at the bottom of this page that show exact days / times I am available for virtual sessions.

What if The Times Offered Through Your Plugin Don’t Work For Me?

Feel free to message me on my Instagram @Handfulofleashes if none of the times work for you, and we can work something out.

What Does a Virtual Training Session Entail?

Make sure to check out my service page for 1 on 1 Private Training Lessons to get a feel for all I can coach you through virtually. If you scroll back up, you can also view a simplified list of topics I have covered in the past with my lovely virtual clients and fellow dog business owners.

What is the Goal of the Virtual Training Sessions?

To get you moving in the right direction with your dog (and feeling empowered to start today)!

How Do I Prepare for a Virtual Training Session?

Come with your questions, have some water nearby, and set up your phone / space 5 minutes before our call time.

Your Investment

One 35 Minute Virtual Session


Package of 5 Virtual Sessions


(You save $100)

If you would like to proceed with virtual training (yay!), find a date / time that works for you below, click “CONFIRM,” and answer the few questions listed to lock your spot (first & last name, email, Instagram handle, and information that would be good for me to know before our call). Payment is done through Venmo!

If none of the dates offered work for your schedule, feel free to message me on Instagram or Facebook @handfulofleashes and I’m sure we can work something out!


Scooter and I had our first virtual training session with Heather Garges and I cannot recommend her enough! We are working on implementing boundaries with Scooter to set him up for success. I’ve already seen improvement after one session and can’t wait for the next one!

Betsy L.

We could not have accomplished as much as we did with our two year old Goldendoodle without Heather’s help. She was so great at isolating the problems and potential solutions and we saw a dramatic improvement in Graham’s behavior and our relationship with him. We’re so glad we used her program and can’t recommend her enough to anyone who needs help with giving their pet more structure!

Joseph F.

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