1 Hour Visits

WAIT! You ARE in the Right Place!

This is a Catch All Service that is very unique to my business.

Perfect for Easy-Going and Confident Dogs

It can be used for dog walking, feedings, emergency visits, pet taxi, doggie daycare pick ups, beach day check ins, kids sporting events out of state, etc.

Simply think of any time where you wanted to do something whether for a few hours (but more hours than your dog would be okay for), a full day, or a week and you needed someone to check in on your dog. And then think of how nice it would be to have a solution to this problem:

✨ 1 Hour Visit(s) ✨

FAQs About 1 Hour Visits

Once You’ve Read All FAQs:

What Are All The Possible Uses of the 1 Hour Visit Service?

Note: Emergency Visits are only available to clients I have already worked (since I know how to access their home in a pinch and know their dog’s routine)

What Are the Services Provided During the 1 Hour Visits?

Any and all things you can think of to make your dog’s day better and your life less stressful.

What Areas Do You Service?

We service MOST addresses in the towns below (dependent on distance from my home):

Where Can I Find More Information About Your Business As a Whole?

On my “About” page.

Here you will find my motivation to grow Handful of Leashes, my mission statement, the start of the business in 2014, my education, seminars and expos I have attended, and a timeline of when I added each service to my business.

How Many Visits Should I Do A Day?

As many as you think your dog needs!

1 Visit = Usually when you have a family member who can help some points in the day and you need someone to fill in the other time frames or for dog walking clients who need a midday let out while they are at work / away

2 Visits = (MOST COMMON), a morning and night visit

3 Visits = An AM, Midday, & PM

What If I Only Need One Visit But For Multiple Hours at a Time?

I will accommodate any amount of hours in a row, so long as I have the availability, while you are away.

In regards to cost, you would just multiply the amount of hours you need by the price of a 1 hour visit.

Most commonly, my dog owners have done a 2 to 3 hour visit when they would be going to:

What If I Have More Than 1 Dog?

There is no additional cost for each additional dog.

Will You Be Here Before We Leave?

I will not; my services are based around being able to care for your pet when you are away.

It is also important to note that if you were to wait up for me and I got caught up in traffic or at the scheduled service before yours, my timing may put you at risk of being late to your flight, your hotel’s check-in time, etc. For that reason, this rule was created with dog owner’s best interest in mind.

This is why I ask “How Long Is Your Dog Good For?” and “What Time Do You Need to Leave The House By On Day of Departure?” on the Contact Form. I will arrive to do your service within the allotted time your dog is good for after your departure and uphold the booked services until your return.

Will You Be Here When We Get Home?

I will not, I make sure all services are performed and your pups are cared for before your return home. This is why I ask “How Long Is Your Dog Good For?” and “What Time Will You Be Back At Your House on the Final Day of Service?” on the Contact Form. That way I can determine what is the best time for me to do my final portions of your service so that you can come home to your dog seamlessly.

This is actually one of my client’s favorite aspects of my services.

They love coming home from vacation / to their dog without having to deal with conversing with their sitter (especially since they could follow along the whole time on @HandfulOfLeashes Instagram) while trying to unwind, unpack, and immediately love on their beloved and missed pup.

This makes the act of coming home from vacation feel like your just coming home from a walk in the park, super easy and stress free.

What If We End Up Returning Home Sooner, Will You Give Us Our Money Back?

Because there was already reserved time slots for my services, money will not get refunded or credited if you decide to return home earlier than booked.

How Do You Get into My House?

The easiest way for me to get into my dog owners homes is by the garage. This way there is no key that needs to be left or given.

If you do not have a garage and need me to come in through a front or back door, owners will share with me where their hide-a-key is or what the combo is to the lock.

NOTE: I do not take keys from the owner to keep on me. The garage code or a hidden key are my preferred methods of entry as it lowers chances for extra keys to get misplaced.

Can You Give Me References?

When a hiring manager asks a potential new employee for references, the person on the other end of the phone would be a business.

When a potential client asks for references, the person on the other end of the phone would be a person, answering questions in the free time, about a personal expense.

I really value my dog owners free time (heck, I made a business around doing so 😊). For this reason, I do not offer my current clients as references to potential clients.

If you were looking to see what others had to say about my business, I created the page below that auto-populates with new Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, and Instagram updates from owners.

What If The Dates I Am Looking For Are During a Holiday?

I dog sit 365 days a year (so long as there aren’t any vacations of my own planned 😉). If you’re looking to use my services during a holiday so you can enjoy some family time, I am happy to help!

Are There Holiday Upcharges During the Holidays?

I don’t think it comes as a surprise that holidays are when most dog sitters practically live in their car, going house to house, loving on your pets, while you enjoy a weekend at the beach or with your family in Vermont over Christmas. Because of this, it is VERY easy for dog sitters to get overbooked and lose availability.

For this reason, there is a holiday upcharge of $60 per day (no matter the amount of visits) during holiday periods:

Holiday Charge Dates20242025
Martin Luther King Jr. DayJan 11-16Jan 16-21
President’s DayFeb 15-20Feb 13-18
My Birthday Weekend 😊Mar 7-12Mar 6-12
EasterMar 28-2Apr 17-21
Mother’s DayMay 9-13May 8-12
Memorial DayMay 23-28May 22-27
Father’s DayJune 13-17June 12-16
Independence DayJul 3-8July 3-8
Labor DayAug 29-3Aug 28-2
Columbus DayOct 10-15Oct 9-14
ThanksgivingNov 27-2Nov 26 – 1
Holiday PeriodDec 23- 2ndDec 23-2nd

How Many Visits / Days Can I Book While I’m Away?

There is no limit. As long as I have the availability, I am happy to accommodate your needs.

Will The Time of My Dog’s Visits Vary Depending on Availability?

It could vary slightly. For example,

Let’s say two dog owners were trying to book my services for a dinner visit. They live about 10 minutes from one another and both feed their dogs around 5 PM for dinner.

It wouldn’t make sense to say “yes” to one and “no” to the other when my whole day is otherwise open. In this case, one dog would most likely get a dinner visit around 4:30 PM and the other would get one around 5:40 PM.

NOTE: This is why I ask “How Long Is Your Dog Good For When You are Out of the House?” on the Contact Form. This question allows me to plan the best itineraries to accommodate your dog’s eating schedules and potty breaks.

Is There A Discount the More Visits I Need?

Due to the service-based nature of my business, there is not a discount applied to longer stays. When I book your dates, I am lowering availability and service options to my other dog owners and their pups.

Is There a Cancellation Fee?

NOTE: The Cancellation Fee IS NOT the price of service. Price of service is at the bottom of page.

Yes. If I am fully booked for certain time slots, I sadly have to turn away clients looking for similar services. If the services booked are then cancelled, I have already turned away other clients for that space. This isn’t ideal for both myself as a business owner or the clients who I had to turn down to secure those visits.

For this reason, there is a cancelation fee applied to each cancelled visit, no matter when the services are cancelled.

For Example:

# of Visits CancellingTotal Cost of Cancellation
And so on…

NOTE: Most in-home dog sitters / dog walkers I have researched ask for the full price of service as their cancellation fee for the reasons above, I have opted for a half price model as I know things happen out of our control.

NOTE: The above table doesn’t reflect the deposit needed during Holiday upcharge dates.

Do I Need to Make A Deposit to Book?

NOTE: The deposit IS NOT the price of service. Price of service is at the bottom of page.

Yes, once you have filled out my contact form and I have confirmed availability for your dates, I request the deposit in the form of the “Cancellation Fee.”

Deposit = # of Visits X Cancellation Fee

So What is My Deposit Obligation?

# of Visits BookingTotal Cost of Deposit
And so on…

The other portion of your service price is due the day of service.

In the event of a cancellation, this deposit is applied as the cancellation fee.

NOTE: The above table doesn’t reflect the deposit needed during Holiday upcharge dates.

When Should I Book You?

Once you’re sure you need me.

Before I started asking for deposits / cancellation fees, clients would “book” me for dates that weren’t “set in stone yet” (because all it took was a message and a ‘Yes, I am free those dates 😊”). More and more frequently, owners would cancel their trips and I had already turned away clients that would overlap with the secured slots. This often times put me in a tough place financially.

This taught me that when there is nothing in place to secure my time, there is also nothing keeping owners from booking dates that weren’t fully confirmed yet.

Again, the deposit is non-refundable if you need to cancel, so it’s best to make sure you are booking once your dates are confirmed.

How Do I Pay You?

I take cash, check, or Venmo.

As a business owner, it was imperative that I created a business Venmo to keep business and personal transactions separate. The downside to this is there is a transaction fee to have this separation.

For this reason, if you choose to use Venmo as your form of payment, there is an additional charge:

For every $100 spent, there is a $2 charge to cover fees.

Total Price of Service(s)Additional Cost
$1 – $99+ $2
$100 – $199+ $4
$200 – $299+ $6
And so on…

When Do I Pay You?

Before the start of service.

Your deposit is required to confirm your booking and the other portion is required before the start of service.

If you are paying with cash or check, I love for dog owners to leave this behind on the counter, island, etc. so it is available when I come for the service(s).

If you are paying with Venmo, I love for dog owners to Venmo me before the service(s) are started or the start date of the service.

Do You Do “Meet & Greets?”

I would say that about 25% of my new clients request “Meet & Greets.” Once you see the clarifying questions I ask on the original Contact Form, it is easy to see why that percentage is so small. I make sure that I have all of my questions answered prior to the service (via both the contact form & the conversation we have upon confirming the booking).

If after following me on my business Instagram @handfulofleashes (to get to know me / the business) and filling out the contact form (to share details of your dog’s needs), you still feel you would need a “Meet & Greet,” we can book a “1 Hour Visit” before the service date starts for the same price as the 1 Hour Visit.

How Do I Receive Updates On My Dog(s) While They Are in Your Care?

I ask that any dog owners who use me as their dog sitter / dog trainer follow my business Instagram account @handfulofleashes as well as my Facebook @handfulofleashes.

On Instagram, I post day-to-day life with your dogs (and even try and tag your Instagram so you can share their cute little faces to your story as well).

Facebook gets the same content, but it may not get posted until after I have finished the service.

Below is a feed of my most recent Instagram posts (and stories are added daily):

Once I Book, What Happens Next?

The contact form that my new clients fill out immediately gets sent to my business email. Because I try and manage a good work / life balance (which is difficult when you are so in love with your business), I try and only check my business email once a day, usually in the AM before I start my services for the day.

If you fill out the contact form over the weekend, you can expect a response early next week.

If you fill out the contact form after 5 PM, you can expect a response within 1-3 business days.

The reason it may take 1-3 business days is because I first:

Then, you’ll get a response from me in the format you checked off at the bottom of the contact form (Email, Text Message, or Instagram Message).

My response is usually as simple and straightforward as:

“Hey _____, it’s Heather from Handful of Leashes 🖐 I received your contact form & after looking at my calendar, I have the availability and would love to do two 1 hour visits a day while you are away this weekend. Can you just confirm the time frames that work best for these two visits? Thank you in advance!

I try and confirm service availability with you as soon as possible. This is made possible by asking all the right questions in the contact form (distance, expectations, entry and feeding instructions, etc.) so I can move to booking your service seamlessly & quickly.

Your Investment


$80 / Visit

Extras / Holidays

+ $60 a day (no matter the amount of visits) on holiday charge dates

Deposit / Cancellation Fee

$40 / Visit

If you would like to proceed with 1 Hour Visits, fill out the “Contact Form” below so I can receive more information about you / your dog / dates needed. I look forward to hanging with your pup!


Omg I love you, thank you!!! It means the world you were able to take care of Bruce for us. B looks so happy in the pictures you posted!!!

Anna S.

Heather! We are finally home! Thank you so much for watching Oliver. Not only is he a happy dog, we were able to completely enjoy our vacation without worry!

Cathy M.

Thank you again so so so so much!!! You are a God send and as soon as I mentioned “Heather,” Charlie’s ears perked right up!

Christina E.

Ruby and Cora immediately connected with Heather and so did I. It is Heather’s knowledge of pet behavior, her passion for furry friends and her attention to detail that puts Heather at the top of my list for pet sitting. We can’t thank you enough. We missed them so much but they were in great loving hands with you. Thank you for your flexibility. We will be thrilled to have you back and will recommend to all!

Cynthia A.

Honestly, look no further than Heather to care for your furry four-legged love. We recently used Heather to take care of our sweet senior golden doodle and she went above and beyond to ensure that our pup was cared for and given all the attention and love that she needs. Heather’s top-notch communication before, during and after her visits assured us that we had made the right decision. (She even posts your pups on her Instagram story so you can see all the fun they’re having 😁) She makes everything so easy and stress free. I will never use another service to watch our pup…Handful of Leashes is the absolute best of the best. Thank you so much Heather! You always take the best care of ALL of us! You’re the best!

Lori C.

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