Dog Training Contact / Booking Form

Note: Virtual Sessions can be booked without a contact form submission through the built in Calendly scheduling tool on my “Virtual Owner / Trainer Coaching Sessions” service page
Note: You can do one lesson to start & book a package following that first lesson or jump right into a package. Knowing which you’re looking into from the start helps with scheduling
Note: If you have not familiarized yourself with the price of your preferred service, please do so through the “Service” tab before completing this contact form
NOTE:+$2 for service prices under $100, +$4 for services between $100 – $200, +$6 for services between $200 – $300, and so on.
NOTE: Please specify exact amount of hours
Note: Please don’t answer with your email; I cannot proceed with booking dog training unless I know if you’re within my service range
Selected Value: 0
Ex) Flat leash & collar, retractable & harness, etc.
EX) Mondays anytime before 12 PM, Tuesdays after 8:30 AM, Wednesdays between 11 – 1 PM, Thursdays all day, No availability Fridays
NOTE: I strongly recommend you to make an Instagram to follow along (Even if its just an Instagram for your dog). This keeps me freed up from my individual messaging app as much as possible and more focused on picture and video updates.
Note: Depending on what service you are looking for, one option may be easier for booking purposes, but I will always try and accommodate your preferences

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