Pet Care Contact / Booking Form

Note: If you have not familiarized yourself with the price of your preferred service, please do so through the “Service” tab before completing this contact form
NOTE:+$2 for service prices under $100, +$4 for services between $100 – $200, +$6 for services between $200 – $300, and so on.
Note: See your preferred service page to calculate your deposit based on how many visits / days you are requesting
NOTE: This keeps me from having to make visits past of your service dates to pick up payment once you are home from vacation, business trip, etc.
NOTE: For example, if you need me from a Friday to Saturday, it is the price of your service multiplied by 2, not 1
NOTE: Please specify exact amount of hours
Note: Please don’t answer with your email; I cannot proceed with booking dog sitting unless I know if you’re within my service range
Ex. Heather Garges (Friend)
NOTE: This is why I ask “How Long Is Your Dog Good For?” and “What Time Do You Need to Leave The House By On Day of Departure?” I will arrive to do your service / start services within the allotted time your dog is good for after your departure and uphold the booked services until your return
NOTE: This is why I ask “How Long Is Your Dog Good For?” and “What Time Will You Be Back At Your House on the Final Day of Service?” That way I can determine what is the best time for me to do my final portions of your service so that you can come home to your dog seamlessly.
NOTE: This is why I ask “How Long Is Your Dog Good For When You are Out of the House?” This question allows me to plan the best itineraries to accommodate your dog’s eating schedules and potty breaks
NOTE: Cost is determined by multiplying “Amount of hours you are looking to book” by the cost of a “1 Hour Visit”
Note: If you would like to get a visual of where your dog will be staying when with me, check out my Instagram for daily updates on dogs within my care
NOTE: I strongly recommend you to make an Instagram to follow along (Even if its just an Instagram for your dog). This keeps me freed up from my individual messaging app as much as possible and more focused on picture and video updates.
Note: Depending on what service you are looking for, one option may be easier for booking purposes, but I will always try and accommodate your preferences
* Any questions shared with me that are not already on my website will be added. Thank you in advance for your help!
Used to validate that all information you input is accurate

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